Strawberry Panic Review

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Strawberry Panic
Summary: When a young girl, Nagisa Aoi,  enters à new girls only school called Astrea hill, she is amazed by the beauty if the “Etoile-sama”. As the star of the school, she welcomes the new girl into her arms. Romance blossoms but there are many other young couples forming in this large and beautiful school. The love between two girls is innocent and pure, but also complicated.Length:
1 Season
12 Episodes
24 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: This is a nice yuri for those who prefer multiple couples rather than just focusing on one. It is very elegant and modest compared to most anime and the setting is gorgeous. The two main characters are totally adorable and sometimes you get so frustrated at the plot lines, since nothing happens immediately. Overall, I think this anime is fabulous!

Recommendations(From left to right)
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Multiple romances, however this time it’s yaoi and the setting is different, in a manga company. Such cute boys and storylines. A must-watch for yaoi and yuri lovers!
Vampire Knight: A prestigious ruler above everyone else targets a younger, more insignificant member of the school romantically, but there are many secrets. Half of the school is vampires!
Kannazuki no Miko: Two girls have to fight evil to protect the world, but one of them is stuck between the other girl, and the guy she is dating. As she fights romance and monsters, the relationships grow and the truth is unveiled.

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Eromanga-Sensei Review

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Eromanga Sensei
Summary: After their parents die, Masamune is forced to look after his little sister, Sagiri after she refuses to leave her room. However, he discovers that she is also the erotic illustrator for his light novel series and she uses the name “Eromanga-sensei” to hide her identity. Now their relationship is à lot closer than it was before, and they are joined by many other cute girls as they tackle their own problems and help build each other’s courage!

1 Season
12 Episodes
24 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: Sagiri is the cutest! Her innocence and gorgeous looks make her an amazing character, and you can’t help but love her! All the characters are extremely interesting, and they make the somewhat simple main plot line so much more exciting. This anime makes you feel irritated at how it moves quickly and then slowly, and happy, and you can laugh and maybe even cry at this anime multiple times. It’s à very good watch.

Recommendations(From left to right)
Kiss X Sis: Two twin sisters battling it out for the love of their half-brother! And they’re not the only competition! This anime has à good level of humor as well as eroticism (no matter how weird it may be) to make it à great anime!
Uta no Prince-sama: As one girl devotes her life to à music career, she is met with gorgeous guys all fighting for her attention. What will she do when love is forbidden in her school?
B Gata H Kei: If you’re looking for comedy, romance and sexual innuendos, this is the anime for you! As yamada tries to lose her virginity, she falls in love. Both anime include an unexpected romance and interesting characters!

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Cardcaptor Sakura Review

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Cardcaptor Sakura
Summary: Sakura is a normal high-school girl with à crush on her brother’s best friend. Until she lets the cards of the Clow loose and has to collect them all again as her own cards. With awesome outfits made by her best friend, and help from the people around her, she can become the card-captor she was supposed to be.Length:
1 Season and 2 Movies
70 Episodes
25 Minutes per EpisodeOpinion: This anime was so cute! The characters were amazing and they worked so well together! Plus, the music in this anime really reflects the atmosphere and is incorporated into the excitement! I love sakura so much that I made one of her outfits and hope to make many more! This is such a cute, and somewhat girly anime (even if there are fights included), perfect if you feel like you need extra after you finish a short anime.

Recommendations(From left to right)
Pretty Cure: Cute outfits, daring fights and the need to save the world are the similarities of both of these anime. And I love them both! The double act in Pretty Cure is so fun and adorable too!
Tokyo Mew Mew: Take 5 different girls with cute, colourful animal themed clothes and you have the Mew Mews, who work as a team to fight through troubles of crimes and love!
Shakugan no Shana: The beautiful bad-ass Shana helps Yuji when he discovers the “midnight lost child” treasure. Along with Alastor, they help to protect each other, using whatever abilities they have.

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Death Note Review

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Death Note
Summary: Light Yagami is perfect. But he has à slight obsession with playing God after he discovers the secret of the Death Note, à book that allows you to kill someone by writing their name in it. However, detective L is right on his tail, and his new girlfriend Misa Amane, à model and the 2nd keeper of à Death Note, keeps getting in his way. The game he plays become à matter of life and death for those he cares about, but will he throw that away for power?

1 Season and 2 Movies
37 Episodes
23 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: This anime was amazing! I truly loved it! The mind games that Light Yagami plays with his own family and the world and the police force is one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen and the use of the supernatural only makes it so much more dark and sinister. All of the characters used compliment each other so well, and they highlight the traits of one another. I definitely recommend this anime!

Recommendations(From left to right)
Psycho Pass: This anime is all about the police using criminals to fight for justice, and it is amazingly done. Set far in the future, the ideas here really get you intrigued for the years to come.
Durarara: Similar to death note, this is all about people discovering hidden powers that they didn’t realize existed. But the characters are so funny and clever, that the sinister tone isn’t present the whole time.
Black Butler: The Victorian Era is well known for many crimes, which can be seen in this anime. Set in Britain, à young boy takes revenge on his parent’s deaths by summoning à demon butler!

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Aoi no Exorcist Review

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Aoi no Exorcist
Summary: When Rin finds out that he’s the son of Satan and not the son of the Priest he was raised by, he loses control. When he enters à school taught by his little brother, he is even more mad. But within this school he meets lots of new people who aid him in his magical studies and he strengthens the relationship he has with his brother.

2 Seasons + 1 Movie
25 Episodes
25 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: This anime had many twists and turns from the very beginning, but I loved it so much! It was recommended to me by à friend, and I would definitely recommend it to others! It it so full of family and love and the art style is amazing! The plot is great too, and the struggle of Rin and his brother, Yukio, is so heartbreaking at times, but it makes you happy how they can still feel comfortable with each other. Shiemi was probably still my favourite character though. She’s totally cute!

Recommendations(From left to right)
The Devil is à Part-Timer: This anime follows Satan himself as he is transported to the real world, where he works in “McDonald’s”. These anime have similar humour and the supernatural element is present too À good watch, which is actually quite short!
Noragami: Although this anime is more romance based, it is definitely à good watch if you liked Aoi no Exorcist. It also includes many different characters from the natural and supernatural world!
Full metal Alchemist: Very different, but also showing strong family bond, this anime is quite long and will definitely take some dedication to watch, with two adaptations, but it also shows the strong bond between brothers!

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Chobits Review

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Summary: Persocom are robots that look like humans. They can interact with you like a normal person and perform most tasks that humans are able to do. But they don’t have emotions, well, most of them don’t. Hideki helps Chii develop after he finds her thrown in the trash. But her connection to him reveals à lot about her past and her emotional capabilities.

1 Season
27 Episodes
25 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: This anime is so adorable. I love the idea of half-human robots and love stories. It also played on my emotional side and made me cry at parts due to the stories of the different characters. It has such a good blend of comedy, romance and cuteness to be enjoyed by many viewers, and the theme song is super catchy too! This magical futuristic world is definitely one of my favourites!

Recommendations(From left to right)
Full Moon O Sagashite: This anime also has the fantasy aspect of people that aren’t quite human alongside romance and destiny. It is very similar to Chobits in that respect and the main characters look very similar too.
Clannad: Robots and love just seem to connect in one way and the double story line of Clannad portrays this in a very different way to Chobits, but does so all the same. You can’t change your fate.
Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai: Although robots play a big part in this anime, that’s not what makes it similar. It’s the connections between the robots and the characters that makes these anime special. It shows that you don’t have to be human to be loved.

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Mob Psycho 100 Review

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Mob Psycho 100
Summary: A young Psychic has struggles with overusing his powers. His con artist boss loves to use them to make money, but he also teaches young Mob that his powers should never be used against other people, only against the supernatural. However, when Mob loses control, his powers are unleashed and he causes lots of damage.

1 Season
12 Episodes
24 Minutes per Episode

Opinion: This anime was completely hilarious and I watched it all in one sitting. It takes the normal stereotypes and flips them on their heads. The characters are so well thought out, even with the way they interact with each other and their emotions towards many things in life. I really love this anime.

Recommendations(From left to right)
One Punch Man: Both are adaptations of web comics by ONE. Absolutely hilarious and uses stereotypes, but this time to the extreme. Second season has just been announced, so get ready!
High school of the Dead: Also using extremes of stereotypes, this anime features à group of teenagers fighting off à zombie apocalypse together with a teacher. It has lots of fight scenes and weaponry to show off the amazing animation, as well as lots of innuendos and comedy.
Kotoura-San: Although this anime has à very different art style and less fight scenes, it also faces the issues of Psychics and their relationships with family and friends. Kotoura is also quite young and just trying to be normal, like Mob. Be warned: This anime looks cute, but starts off very dark. You’ll be crying at the first episode

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